What to Look for in a Jewish Book Publicist

You wrote a Jewish book, and now you’re looking for a publicist. However, you don’t know where to start. How do you know the publicist is going to do a good job? What should you look for in a Jewish book publicist?

Here are some things to look out for, as well as red flags to avoid.

1. They Come Highly Recommended

The best way to find a Jewish book publicist is through a word of mouth recommendation from a friend who had a good experience. Ask your friends who have published books about the publicists they hired to assist them.

2. They Can Provide Testimonials

A Jewish book publicist should have positive client testimonials to show you. This means they have satisfied clients, and it’s more likely that you will have a good experience with them as well.

3. They Don’t Make Any Guarantees

If any Jewish book publicist tells you they can absolutely get you a certain piece of press, run for the hills. There are no guarantees when it comes to publicity. However, a good Jewish book publicist will work hard and send out the right inquiries to hopefully get you press.

4. They Have an Agreement

It’s always a smart idea to have an agreement in place that lists the agreed-upon responsibilities for both parties as well as the rate you’re being charged. An agreement is not the same as a contract, but it’s still important to put one in place before starting any work.

5. They’ve Achieved Great Results for Other Clients

Ask the Jewish book publicist: Where else have you gotten press for your clients? If they’re connected to prestigious media outlets, that’s better. I’ve gotten my clients press in a number of places, from Newsweek to “Real Time With Bill Maher” to the cover of Mishpacha Magazine.

6. They Think Outside of the Box

A Jewish book publicist shouldn’t just run ads in your local Jewish paper. They should have creative, out of the box ideas for earning press, and know where your story will fit with a particular audience.

7. They Get Back to You Quickly

A publicist needs to stay on top of communication, especially when coordinating media appearances. Your publicist should get back to you within 24 hours (on a weekday, except for holidays) and be available via email when you need them. Of course, it’s important to schedule calls and not call them out of the blue.

8. They Are Friendly

Your Jewish book publicist should be friendly and pleasant to work with. It’s crucial that they have a nice demeanor because they are going to be representing you in the press. If they don’t have manners or are impatient or otherwise have undesirable traits, it’s going to reflect poorly upon you.

9. They Are Open About Their Pricing

A Jewish book publicist should be able to explain their rates. What are you going to get for one package price vs. another? You want to know that your money is being well spent. After all, you put a lot of time, money, and energy into writing and publishing your book.

10. Their Own Marketing Is Professional

When media appearances Google your publicist’s name/company, what comes up? Does the Jewish book publicist’s website look awesome? This also contributes to how professional you look.

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