Promote Your Product With the Jewish Media Contact List

Are you a Jewish business owner with news to share with the media? Are you promoting your new Jewish book? You may be selling a product or service that you know will make a perfect pitch for the Jewish media. 

Perhaps you don’t have much of a budget to spend on publicity and marketing, but you do have some time to send out inquiries to journalists and connect with Jewish influencers on social media for possible collaborations. 

Now, you can run your own PR/marketing campaign without breaking the bank with KOL Digital Marketing’s new Jewish Media Contact List. It’s available for download now. 

What Is the Jewish Media Contact List?

The Jewish Media Contact List is a one-stop-shop for Jewish media contacts in the larger international Jewish community. There are over 150 contacts in this list of Jewish newspapers, Jewish influences, online media outlets, podcasts, and radio shows you can pitch yourself to and build your brand. It is a cost-effective option if you can’t afford to hire a marketing and PR team (for now!). 

Who Would Benefit from the Jewish Media Contact List? 

This list is ideal for:

  • Jewish businesses and non-profit organizations pitching stories to the media
  • Jewish authors looking to promote their books
  • Jewish entrepreneurs looking to collaborate with influencers to sell products
  • Jewish freelance writers looking for new outlets to write for

How Do I Use the Jewish Media Contact List? 

This valuable list is a downloadable spreadsheet you can open as a PDF. You can contact individual media outlets as well as Jewish influencers for collaborations. 

Why Are Jewish Influencers Included? 

Social media influencers are a recent important addition to media as a means of marketing. As the marketing industry has evolved, social media influencers have also evolved as a way of attracting consumers and income for businesses. Many influencers have a large reach of hundreds of thousands of followers (some even millions), many of whom may not be reading newspapers or magazines. Millennials and Gen Z spend a lot of their time on social media and often now get their news from social media and thus aren’t necessarily paying as much attention to other means of media. Small businesses can collaborate with influencers for promotions in order to bring more awareness to their products and bring in revenue from an untapped audience that may not have seen their advertisements otherwise. 

How to Download the Jewish Media Contact List

Click here to purchase and download and save to your computer/phone. 

Best Practices When Contacting Jewish Media Outlets

When contacting media outlets, keep your pitch short and sweet! State it up front, as journalists are busy people. Make sure you contact the right person and outlet. Have they covered a product or service or book like yours in the past? Would their audience want to hear about your offer? Another tip: If you don’t hear a response from a journalist, kindly follow up after one week. And never, ever attach anything to an email unless requested; you’ll likely end up right in their Spam folder.

If I Have Any Questions, How Do I Contact You For Further Jewish Publicity and Marketing Help? 

You can email with any further questions about the Jewish Media Contact List as well as to set up your FREE 15-minute consultation.